After School Art Classes

Your child will have a blast after school creating in the art studio!  You can see the After School offerings below. I also have Homeschool sessions that meet during the day. 

  • You only pay the supply fee of $35 to register.  (Exception: Debbie's 6 week Teen class. See details below) 
  • There are two different installment plans.  One you pay the balance in August for the most savings.  The other you pay a payment before each session.  Be sure to look at these installment options at checkout.  You should see two different ones. 
  • You will have to register with Sawyer to register for a class.  I recommend keeping the box checked to hear from me, but unchecking the box to receive e-mails from Sawyer. 
  • There is a multi-child discount for more than one child in the same class.