Art Class Registration Completion

Thank you for registering for an art class at Laura Giles Art Studio!  I'm so excited to meet you and your child!  We are going to have so much fun! 

Please be sure you have joined the PRIVATE FB group.  This is different from my public FB page or the Special Events Group 

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This year my new registration system makes payments easy. They are automatically billed to the credit card on file with Sawyer. You can change your payment method at any time by logging into your account. You can also login to your account to see class dates and information.

The non-refundable supply fee must be paid for the semester upon enrollment to the class is Sawyer. This is the fee you are paying at registration.  This fee will include taxes because I use 100% of this for art supplies.  The final payment is for my services and will not include taxes. The supply fee is paid only ONCE per semester. 


Where is your studio?  

My studio is located at 1303 Main Street in Humboldt, TN.  I'm across from Milano's Pizza.

What time should my child arrive to class?

The doors will open 10 minutes prior to your class time to stagger entry. I will open the doors at the end of each class. Please be prompt for pickup. Doors are locked during class for safety, but you can ring the doorbell at any time. 

What if my child misses a class? 
I allow 2 makeup classes per semester.  Your child can attend any other scheduled class as a makeup session. But, attending their scheduled class time is always recommended when possible for the best instruction. 

Does my child need anything for art class?

When you paid the supply fee at registration, you paid for all supplies August through November. ( For the Advanced Classes I do recommend bringing a spiral bound sketchbook to class.) I plan my lessons in advance and order the supplies in bulk at the beginning of the year.  This allows me to do more with less.  Art materials are expensive! You wouldn't be able to make everything we will make with $35 on your own.  I encourage you however to invest in QUALITY art materials for your child at home if they truly love art.  Feel free to ask me anytime about the best brands to use.  I do ask that students wear OLD clothes to EVERY art class, wear the art studio shirt,  or bring an apron. 

What can parents do while my child is in Art?

Art class is drop off. Parents are free to run errands. Parents can also visit The Coffee Shop (closed on Monday) just down the street or Milano's (across the street).  We also have several places to walk and shop.  

Can my child bring snacks to art? 

This applies mainly to my after school classes.  Many are coming directly from school and can certainly bring an after school snack along with them.  

How can I see what my child is working on?

I will post pictures from each class on the private Facebook page for parents of my students.  See the links above.  Be sure to turn on notifications in that group to be sure to see the posts. 

Do you send reminders about class dates?

Yes, I use the Sawyer e-mail system to send out important reminders about class.  

 How would you describe your teaching style? 

I encourage  individual creativity.  This is not a class where we will draw or paint step by step creating identical end results.  Frankly, in the age of YouTube students can find videos on step by step lessons.   I introduce students to a variety of media they might not normally have access to and how to use those materials.  They get to work with a little bit of everything in the course of a year.  They are usually given a prompt or reference images if needed, but I encourage them to think outside of the box and create art that is as individual and unique as they are! I am here to guide and instruct, but will NEVER do their work for them.  I have parents ask, "Did they do that by themselves?". The answer will always be "Yes!!"   My role is to instruct & to encourage only.  

I truly love teaching art to each of your children.  Our Creator is the most amazing artist of all and I am blessed that He has given me the talent of sharing His beautiful creation through art! 

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