May Classes for Enrolled Students (March Makeup)

Dear Enrolled Students,

The first class in the May course is now ready!  

Reminder, If you paid for your March Art Classes then I owe you two class sessions (Or one if you are in Open Studio or the 1:30 Homeschool class).  The online classes will replace those missed classes.  There is NO CHARGE if you paid for March classes.  :) Supplies are listed below for each group.

  • Younger Students in Tuesday 3:45, Monday 5:05, Monday 1:30 & Wednesday 9 AM Classes will want to join the May Art Classes course
  • Older Students in Open Studio, Wednesday 10:15 and Monday 3:45 classes will want to join the Alcohol inks course

Note: A few were absent the first class of March and did not send payment.  We will use the honor system.  If you didn't pay and would like to take these online classes, then you may pay through the website once the link is posted.  If you paid your March payment then you will use code: MARCHMAKEUP and you will pay nothing for the online classes. (If you are not sure if you paid or not, message me).  Please do not share this code.  The general public will have the option to purchase the lessons. If you have other children in a different age bracket that are not enrolled with me, you may also purchase that class.

The Link to the March Makeup lessons are here: You will want to select the correct class for your child.  Once you have "purchased" the class using the coupon code, you can then download the Teachabe app to your child's device for easy access! 

ZOOM Dates & Times are listed in the Unit on the website above.              

Supply Lists - hopefully you have already purchased these! 

Please use what you have at home.  Note: There will be other things needed like water containers, etc. but I am only listing what you might not have at home and may need to purchase.  Hopefully you already have many of these items.  Please be sure you are looking at the list for your child's class.

Younger Students: This group will create a watercolor painting, a glass painting project, and a printmaking project. This list is for students in: Monday 1:15 , Monday 5:15, Tuesday 3:45, Wednesday 9 AM Classes

  • Old picture frame with glass (any size. repurpose one you have)
  • 2 bottles White Glue or Clear Glue. (Clear will be best, but white will work. Don't buy any if you have white.)
  • Food Coloring Set
  • Watercolors & brush (If you purchased the April kit, you have watercolors)
  • Watercolor Paper (optional you can use regular art paper but the results will not be as good nor as fun :)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • Any colors of Acrylic or Tempera paints (If you purchased the April kit they may have left over acrylic paint.)
  • Any size drawing paper or white construction paper  (regular copy paper will work but  thicker art paper is even better)
  • Optional- painters tape (for optional borders on the watercolor paper and to tape sides of glass.  Regular masking tape will be okay if that is all you have.) 
  • Optional- black sharpie

Older Students: In this group we will be making our own alcohol inks and using them to create a variety of projects. They are going to love this and will probably want to do this all summer!   This is different from the tile/sharpie project we have done in the past.  We are making inks this time.  This list is for students in: Monday 3:45, Wednesday 10:15, and Wednesday Open Studio Classes

  • Colored Sharpies (one for each color of ink you want to make. This is a basic pack.  They also make a 24 count.
  • 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol is best. (Aprox. one ounce for each color of ink you want to make. If you don't have this at home, or can't find it, then you can buy pre-made alcohol inks below. You also would not need the sharpies if you buy pre-made.  Pre-made is more expensive.  I'm trying to save you money, plus they are fun & easy to make!
  • Old Medicine Dropper or Pipettes (I have some at the studio if you want to borrow one and don't have one. This link is for 20 which you will not need. ) 
  • Black Ultra Fine tip Sharpie, Fine tip art pen, fine tip paint pen, or felt tip ink pen. Use what you have at home.
  • Yupo Paper- Any size Yupo paper will work or Alcohol ink paper.  This is something you likely don't have on hand.
  • White fabric or white T-shirt to paint on. (Use what you have at home!)
  • Something that is solid clear glass to paint.  (Mason Jar, Candle holder, vase, glass picture frame, etc.) Repurpose what you already have at home. If you can't find anything, Dollar Tree has glass items for $1. 
  • Small containers to hold your homemade inks – any small lidded container will work (half pint mason jars, pimento jars, baby food containers, anything small with a lid). You will need one for each color you choose to make.
  • OPTIONALPre-made Alcohol inks (This option is not necessary unless you do not have Isopropyl Alcohol or can't find it.  Its a more expensive option. 
  • OPTIONAL - Even if you are making your inks, you might want a pre-made Gold Alcohol Ink for fun.  Completely optional.
  • OPTIONAL - Canvas to use the inks on. (If you choose this option you will also need  KILZ 2 Latex Primer (Multi-surface Primer)  to prime the canvas or a glossy white paint.  You can buy quarts of Kilz 2 at Walmart. 
  • OPTIONAL - Solid white ceramic item to paint.  (6x6 or 12x12 tiles from Lower, blank ceramic mugs, Ceramic plates.  Dollar Tree has solid options for $1

*These are Amazon affiliate links that are useful for purchasing or knowing what to buy, but feel free to purchase your art supplies anywhere.