Art Studio Policies

Due to Covid-19 studio policies have changed.  And, they could change again based on the recommendations given to businesses.  But, as of now this is how I plan to hold classes as normal & safely as possible.  I know this is a lot to read, but due to the nature of the times we are living in, I want you as the parent to be fully informed. 

 2021 Art Class Policies

Safety Information

  • There will only be 10-12 students in each class during the Spring 2021 semester. My tables have been moved to allow 6 foot distances. The only exception to this is if I have sibling sets in the class that can sit together at a table. 
  • Please do not send your child to art class if they are sick, have been around anyone sick, or have symptoms of COVID-19.  No coughs.  No fevers.  The safety of your children is of utmost importance to me. 
  • Temperatures will be taken at the beginning of each class. 
  • You will be required to sign a Liability Waiver and a Covid-19 waiver for your child to attend art classes. 
  •  If I were to become sick, either a credit will be issued to be used the following semester or for summer camp, or the missed classes will be made up. If I have to be quarantined, but I'm not sick, then class will be on ZOOM for those two weeks.  (Thankfully, neither happened during the Fall semester.)
  • Masks will not be required for children who have sensory issues or are unable to wear one. However, I would like to encourage children that are comfortable wearing a mask to wear one.  I will be wearing a mask for their protection.
  • If your child is sick, you are allowed to makeup two missed art classes during the semester by attending another class as makeup or by attending a scheduled makeup day. You will need to schedule this makeup with me. More than two missed classes can not be made up due to space limitations. 
  • We will start the semester with one parent coming in the waiting room at a time to check-in & out.  In the past my studio has been a welcome place for parents, but during the pandemic, I want to keep the studio for kids only.  Your children will be brought outside to you at the end of class.  If the weather is bad, you will be allowed to come in the waiting room to wait. 

Payment and Class information

Classes will begin the week of January 10th  and continue through April 2021.  There will be a total of 14 classes like last semester.  I will give you a schedule.  There will be occasional off weeks for Spring Break, etc. 

  • The non-refundable supply fee must be paid for the semester upon enrollment to the class. This is the fee you are paying at registration.  This fee will include taxes because I use 100% of this for art supplies.  The final payment is for my services and will not include taxes. The supply fee is paid ONCE per semester. 
  • For the most savings, payment for the entire semester is due the week before class begins. I also have a payment option explained on the registration page.  Either way, I ask that you to commit to an entire semester.  If you have more than two children, please ask about the multiple child discount. 
  • Also, If you have more than one child and they need to be together, please contact me to discuss the best class for them if age is an issue.
  • Refunds are not given at any time, for any reason, once the semester has started UNLESS your spot is filled from the waitlist. If I am able to fill your spot, I can refund you your remaining balance.  There is a good chance I can fill your spot, but I can't promise that the spot will be filled and that a refund will be given.
  •  If COVID-19 guidelines require that my studio to be closed at any time during the semester, classes will be made up in May.  If we exceed 3 missed classes, then classes will move virtually on ZOOM at your scheduled class time and you will receive a supply kit at no extra charge to work from home.  It is my preference to keep the studio open and the studio experience as normal as possible.  But, if regulations beyond my control are enforced, or if safety becomes an issue, I will move them online.   Refunds will not be given for COVID-19 closures. Thankfully, this did not happen during the fall semester.