Screen Printing

Screen Printing Camp Supplies

Here are the supplies we used for camp! It’s costly to get started, but much of this is reusable or will last awhile. The bottle of emulsion covered the screens we used for camp  I had very little left. The directions that come with the emulsion (or speedballs website) are good. 

Screens $58 (these are wood. You can also buy aluminum which lasts longer but more expensive) 

Squeege $13

Ink $32

emulsion $28

Sensitizer $10

Safe light $13

masking tape (take insides of screens) 

screen clamps $12

pillows $13

bags $32 

extras $16 (filler & drawing fluid)  Our screens worked without too many holes so we didn’t need the filler. We did use masking tape in a few spots 

Bulbs- I bought 3 different types. The 300 watt bulbs from Lowe’s worded best  they are hidden on the bottom shelf on the bulb aisle.

I used it in a shop reflecting light  18” from emulsion  

I bought remover but it did not work well at all so I’m not sharing it