Summer Camp Preview

This page offers a preview of the camp offerings for 2024! With so many NEW camps, this page will give you a way to read about each camp in one spot.  To see camps with openings only go here:

This will be my 9th year for summer camps and the 5th year in my studio on Main Street in Humboldt, TN. Learn more about me here and check out the  TV commercial! 

All three lead teachers in our camps are certified art instructors and have both BA & MA degrees. Our camps are for everyone! Boys & Girls!  No previous art instruction required! Each camp is super fun and brain-boosting!  Exercise their creative minds this summer while having fun! 

You may pay in full or only pay a $50 deposit to register.  The final payment is automatically charged on May 1st or you may select a different payment plan.

To read about our cancellation policy, terms, and other FAQ's about summer camp, you can go here.

**Please double check the dates times on registration day to be sure we did not make any last minute changes. More details & pictures will be posted on the registration page when registration is open.

Summer Camp Descriptions and dates:

NEW Adopt A Squishmallow Summer Camp $145 Ages Taught by Laura Giles Ages 4 & up Pick A Friend & Create!   In this three day camp (2 hours each day) students will adopt a LARGE sized Squishmallow.  They will create a paper mache sculpture of their new friend.  They will also paint a portrait of their new friend and create other fun Squishmallow themed art! (This is different from my weekend special event that uses the smaller size.) June 3, 4, 5 * 1:30-3:30 OR July 8, 9, 10 * 1:30-3:30

NEW Swifty Camp- The Summer Camp Era! $195 Taught by Laura Giles Ages 7-13 This Taylor Swift inspired summer camp will be a blast!  We will create a colorful painted disco ball on canvas, friendship bracelets, and a dazzling 3D paper mache pop star guitar.....and more! (May 29,30,31 * 1:30-4:30) OR (June 3, 4, 5 *9 AM-12 PM) OR (July 15, 16, 17 * 12:30-3:30) OR (July 22, 23, 24 * 12:45-3:45)

NEW Christmas In July Ages 4-13 $165 Taught by Laura Giles. Why wait until December to have some Christmas fun?!  We will make several Christmas keepsakes in this fun summer camp.  We will paint a lighted ceramic truck carrying a Christmas Tree, We We will paint a wooden block Nativity Set and make fun ornaments & more! These will be priceless items you will be proud to display at Christmas. July 11, 12 * 9-12:30

NEW Dinosaur Camp $139 Taught by Laura Giles Ages 6 & up Does your child love Dinosaurs AND Art? This is the camp for them! We will learn how to draw and paint dinosaurs creating some unique art pieces. We will also create dinosaur fossils and more!  June 19, 20, 21 * 1:30-3:30

NEW Teen/Tween Sneakers Painting Camp  $145 Ages 8-17 Taught by Debbie Bowers Young artists in this painting class will be focus on painting your own sneakers!  July 18,19 *  9:30 AM -2:30 PM

NEW Recycled Robot Sculptures $139 Taught by Darlene Tanner Ages 8 & up Recycled Robot sculpture Camp will teach the students how to use tools safely, how small appliances work, and how to think creatively! Each student will being a broken or old small appliance with the cord cut off. We will take it apart and see how it works! Students will then be asked to combine the pieces and parts with recycled paper and plastic items to create an original robot sculpture! July 1,2,3 * 12:30 -2:30 PM 

NEW Japan Adventures Camp $139 Taught by Darlene Tanner - Ages 4-12 Mrs. Darlene was born and grew up in Japan! She knows many things about the culture and wants to show you! Notan is a Japanese mirror art. We'll make one! Koinobori is a fish kite for a holiday. We'll learn the history and make one! Have you eaten a Japanese lunch called a Bento? We will talk about Japanese food and create a collage lunch! We will learn how to make several things with Origami, sings songs in Japanese, and get your picture taken while wearing a kimono or Yukata! You will also learn how to write your name in Japanese! May 23, 24 1:30- 4:30 OR July 1,2,3 * 9AM -11:00  or August 1 & 2 1:30-4:30 PM

NEW Anime Cartoon Artist $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers Ages 8-14 This class will show you the basics you need to know to successful create anime styled characters. Various male and female characters forms will be explored. June 6, 7 * 9:30-12:30

NEW Just Draw it $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers Ages Ages 4-10 All children are born with the desire to express themselves through drawing. However, many highly creative  young artist lack basic skills in drawing. This class will focus on teaching the young artist to draw what they see. It will be the very basic first steps to successful drawing!   June 6, 7 * 1:30PM-4:30 PM

NEW Just Draw It $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers Ages Ages 11-17 The foundation of all art is drawing! This class addresses improving your child's ability to draw! Students will work with landscape, still life , abstract and beginning portraits. NO projects from last years drawing class will be repeated. A wide variety of materials will be explored. July 29,30 * 1:30-4:30

NEW Art Extravaganza Ages 4-13 $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers. This will be a fun filled camp with projects  in both painting ,drawing, Mixed Media and sculpture. Campers  will discover the media they LOVE the best and finish a 11''by 14'' drawing  or painting with that material . Ex. Acrylic, pencil, oil pastels, markers or scratch board and much more. If you want your child to try a little of everything this is it! June 24, 25 * 9:30-12:30  OR July 31, Aug 1 * 9:00-12:00

NEW Messy Art Camp Ages 4 & up $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers. This is a process based art camp full of messy fun.  If you loved Experimenting Camp, you will love this one.  There will be very little "product" to take home, but there will be plenty of fun to be had! All of the things your child wants to do that are just too messy to do at home! July 26 & 27 9:30-12:30

NEW Glass & Resin, Ceramics & Fused Glass Camp $175  Taught by Laura Giles. (Ages 7-15) In this camp students will paint pre-made ceramic pieces.  They will design and paint each piece.  They can select from plates, mugs, bowls, ornaments, and more!  I'm also including glass fusing into this camp!  Students will design a glass piece that will be fused in the kiln! The items painted during the first two days should be able to go home the last day.  You can pick up the last item the day after camp.  June 10, 11, 12 * 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

American Doll Camp - Ages 4- 12 $225 Taught by Laura Giles. 
Bring your American girl doll or other large doll and lets have a blast together creating a bed, lemonade stand, tie-dye t-shirt food items & more!  May 29, 30, 31 * 9AM-12 PM

Sweets & Treats Food truck Camp Ages 4-12 $175 Taught by Laura Giles  
Students will create a cute food truck in the shape of a vintage travel trailer! They will use paper mache' to create the truck and fill it will fun miniature sweets & treats.  July 25 & 26 * 9AM-1PM

Adopt A Pet Camp- $149 Taught by Laura Giles Ages 4 & up This camp is always a hit! Ages 4-9  Students in this fun camp will adopt and stuff a dog or cat! This camp is great for the little ones!  They will then create lots of fun items and accessories for their pet!  We will make dog bowls, carriers, collars and more! This will be super fun for the little ones and we will use a wide range of art materials! We will tie dye, sculpt, paint & create!  July 15,16,17 * 9AM -11AM

Experimenting Art Camp   Ages 4 & up - $139 Taught by Laura Giles Join us for messy fun!  We will experiment and investigate interesting ingredients to create wild concoctions including slime, homemade play dough, "ice-cream" sundaes, and fizzy creations. We will also explore other messy art activities. It will be so much fun for the experimenter in your family! Both boys & girls will love this fun camp! May 23 & 24  * 9AM-12PM

Clay Camp  Ages 6-13 Taught by Laura Giles $250    In this 4-day art camp, students will spend the first three days creating their pieces.  They will hand build their clay pieces and have an opportunity to create clay pieces on the potters wheel!  Then, the fourth day we will under glaze their creations.  Parents will return two weeks after camp to pick up the finished pieces once they have time to dry and be fired. June 10,11,12,13 * 9AM-12PM

Drawing Dudes Ages 5-13 $139 Taught by Debbie Bowers A second new Drawing Dudes! The much requested class for ALL Guys! Yep dudes no girls except for me . Even my helper is a guy.  The snacks are even guy favorites! Guys Only! Young men  will build creative problem solving skills , imagination and their drawing skills. We will explore how to draw dragons, monsters, sports figures, western stuff, Hunting and fishing.  With traditional pencils, markers, oil pastels and colored pencils and paint. July 29,30 * 9:30-12:30

Dollhouse/ Castle Camp  - $195 Ages 4 & up. Taught by Laura Giles This is the camp that started it all eight years ago! Pick between a dollhouse or castle for this camp.  Both boys and girls will love this camp. They may choose for a princess to live in their castle or knights and fiery dragons!  We will paint our castle/dollhouse, create wooden furniture, people, food, animals, and much more.  I'm always adding things each year! Students can bring a sack lunch or snack. July 8,9,10 * 9AM-12PM

Summer Studio II (Teen Art Camp) Ages 11-17 $265 Taught by Debbie Bowers
Summer Studio is a week long class that allows the serious young artist to develop his or her own style of expression. Emphasis is placed on quality and quantity of work produced. Last Summers class finished 6 works of art each. June 24, 25,26,27 * 1:30 PM-4:30 PM

Teen/Tween Boho Camp 11-17 $150 Taught by Debbie Bowers  This fun relaxed camp is all about being a girl by finding the free sprit inside each of us. We will enjoy exploring the decor, fashion and art of the Bohemian ( Boho) style.  We will create beautiful large dream catchers hangings, tie die socks or bandanas , stylistic jewelry , and an illuminating bedroom accent piece. In addition we will enjoy some boho style music ,created fragrances , lotions all while creating our Art! June 17,18 * 9:00-12:30