The Humboldt Collection

The Humboldt collection is a modern expressive painting series of historical Humboldt, TN buildings by Laura Giles Art.  The original collection releases for purchase on September 3rd, 2019 at The Coffee Shop on Main Street in Humboldt.  You can also order prints here.  Each painting is acrylic on wood panel canvas.  Am I missing one of your favorite Humboldt locations?  E-mail me:  lauragilesart(at) and let me know about buildings you'd like to see added to this collection! Or, e-mail me to feature your town for my next collection! 

*Proceeds from this collection go to our family Mission Trip Fund 

*These images are copyright of Laura Giles Art. The artist retains the rights to reproduce these images.  

The Church at Sugar Creek. 24x24  $200 Original SOLD

Central Avenue Christian Church 16 x 20 $180 original has SOLD


Main Street with Water Tower. 16x20 $180

Bailey Park 16x20 $150 Original has SOLD

City Hall, 18x18 $150

First Presbyterian Church on Main, 18x24 $190 Original has SOLD