I am excited to continue art with your children during the 2020 spring semester! 

I also want you to know a little about me and my art class!  

What is the cost?

I will teach a two hour class for the older group and a one hour class for the younger group.

PreK-K- $15 per session (1 hour) or $60  for the full semester plus $20 supply fee = $80

1st & up - $30 per session (2 hours) or $120 for the full semester plus $20 supply fee = $140

There is a supply fee as well. ! ($20 per student per semester that is due in January) 

Where will I be able to see what the students are working on?

I will post pictures of art class and completed works on the VHE Private Facebook page! 

What are the dates for art class?

Classes will meet on the following dates for 2 hours:


January 13

February 3

March 19

April 13

My name is Laura Giles and I am the owner of Laura Giles Art Studio on Main Street in Humboldt.  (Find me on FB and Instagram)  I am a working artist and private art teacher.  I received my BS in Art Education from UTM and my MA in Art Ed from Murray State University.  I taught art in public schools for 10 years before having my last child.  I have 3 children that are 14, 11, and 9.  My husband is a public school teacher and baseball coach at Westview in Martin, TN.  We live outside of  Humboldt, TN and my children attend SGC schools.  This will be my 5th year teaching homeschool classes.  I have a home studio that I teach from and I also teach at local preschools and have after school art classes for public school kids.  I truly love teaching art to children.  Our Creator is the most amazing artist of all and I am blessed that He has given me the talent of sharing His beautiful creation through art! 

How would you describe your teaching style? 

I encourage  individual creativity.  This is not a class where we will draw or paint step by step creating identical end results.  Frankly, in the age of YouTube students can find videos on step by step lessons.   I introduce students to a variety of media they might not normally have access to and how to use those materials.  They get to work with a little bit of everything in the course of a year.  They are usually given a prompt or reference images if needed, but I encourage them to think outside of the box and create art that is as individual and unique as they are! I am here to guide and instruct, but will NEVER do their work for them.  I have parents ask, "Did they do that by themselves?". The answer will always be "Yes!!"  I do not embellish their work.  My role is to instruct & to encourage that creativity only.  

Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lauragilesart
Find me on Instagram: @lauragilesart AND @lauragilesartstudio
My website: www.lauragilesart.com