Build A City Camp

Build A City Camp

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Build a City Camp: NEW for 2021. Ages 4 & up.  My idea for this new camp was inspired by the creativity of one of my weekly mini art students, Layla.  We were painting cities and she asked if we could create a real 3D city.  Yes, Layla!  Let's do it!  If you loved Mini-Mansion and Castle camp you will love building your own city.  I don't have photos yet, but it is going to be so much fun! Trust me on this one!

Kids will build cities out of wood.  They can make parks, roads, people, skyscrapers, & shops, you name it! Let's build, paint & sculpt ALL the things!  I can't wait! And, parents, the city will be able to be packed away & movable for hours of play after camp!  *Students will bring a sack lunch. <3 day Camp> <June 14th, 15th & 16th> <9:30-12:30 AM> $190 with $50 due at registration.


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