Clay Camp (Ages 6 through 3rd) Younger Students
Clay Camp (Ages 6 through 3rd) Younger Students

Clay Camp (Ages 6 through 3rd) Younger Students

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Clay Camp for Younger Students:  New for 2021. Ages 6 through entering 4th* (see note below)  In January 2021 I purchased a new kiln for the studio, so I can now offer Clay Camps.  In this 4-day art camp, students will spend the first three days creating their pieces. They will experience hand building & wheel throwing. Then, the fourth day will be a drop-in class to glaze their creations.  There will be several different options on the 4th glazing day. 

Students will create at least six different pieces! 

You will sign your child up for their glazing time at camp.  (The clay needs to dry & then be fired before glazing.) *Students will bring a sack lunch <4 day camp> <9:30 AM - 12:30 PM the first 3 days with a 4th 2 hour glazing session> 

June 1st, June 2nd, June 3 & glazing date (Note: this is a date change from the original posting that had camp starting on May 31st.) One spot!! waitlist here.

OR June 7, 8 9, plus glazing day- Sold out

Time: 9:30-12:30 * sack lunch or heavy snack needed

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** I recommend this camp for ages 6 through entering 3rd..  All of the other younger camps start at 4 years old.  Because this camp requires more focus and the ability to follow directions well, I highly recommend it for 6 & up. Contact me if you have a younger child that you think will be a good fit.