Open Studio- Homeschool

Open Studio- Homeschool

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NEW - Beginning February 2020

1303 Main Street Humboldt 

I get requests often for Private Classes.  This is my spin on that option.  I will hold an "Open Studio" twice per month for Homeschoolers in 4th- 12th grade.  This will be a SMALL class.  6 students max.  (My regular classes have 15).  You can choose one or two hours. 11:30-12:30, 12:30-1:30, or 11:30-1:30.

One Hour Class - $45 for 2 one hour classes per month.  (Basic supplies included)

Two Hour Class - $75 for 2 two hour classes per month. (Basic supplies included)

Each student will select their own project!  I will supply basic materials.  Those include acrylic paint (no oils), pen & ink, drawing pencil, drawing paper, printmaking ink, watercolor, pastels, oil pastels & more.  Each student supplies their own substrate. (The material the art will be created on.).  For example, if they want to create a 18x24 painting on canvas, they will bring the canvas.  I'll supply everything else.  (I will give them a list of example projects for those that need help selecting a piece to start.)

Each student will be creating their own piece and working at their own pace.  I will be avaliable for individual instruction and guidance. I will teach them techniques specific to the medium they have selected to work in.  So this will be a very creative self-paced learning atmosphere.  This is for the dedicated artist or for the artist that likes to work in one particular medium and wants to become better in that medium.  During the off weeks, they can work on the assignment at home (if they have materials at home) if they want to practice further and be able to create more projects.  Or, they can work entirely during class time. (They will just finish less works during the 4 months.)

This is a semester based class.  February through May. I need a one month advance notice if your child decides to discontinue Open Studio. If they miss a class, they can makeup time during one of my other scheduled classes. I will also offer ONE extended class in May for makeup time. 


At registration you are paying HALF your first month.  You will pay the other half your first class session. 

Class dates are:

Feb 5 & 19

March 11 & 25

April 8 & 22

May 6 & 13